Neuroplasticity and the human brain in action


I am a mom of five busy kids, When I’m not homeschooling or cleaning up after them, I enjoy reading, journaling, blogging, playing and singing at the piano, keeping up with politics, debating education philosophies, growing my garden, and going out on dates with my sweet husband. Life is beautiful.



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  1. Shelly said:

    Hi! I learned a bit about you through one of your comments and links at LDS Homeschool. I have quite a few children with ASD and ADD, Auditory processing, etc., and I have been looking at Brain Balance locations (none of which are within hours of my location; we’re military, so our home could be changing soon). Do any of the books by the founders have the modified GAPS diet you mentioned? I’m very interested in any information you might have on that. Thanks!

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m pretty sure Dr. Melillo offers details on the recommended diet in his book, “Disconnected Kids.” And since you haven’t been able to find a Brain Balance center near you, the next best thing is to get that book. He basically gives you the whole program in that book. I also spent some time going into specifics about the diet in my August 12, 2013 blog entry, titled “Nutrition Burnout and Recovery”. Here is the pertinent paragraph (see below): Good luck on your journey! Let me know if I can be of greater help to you.

      “Brain Balance requires all of their clients to commit to eating a very specific diet, which for the average American, means a big change. In short, we now eat no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no refined flours or sugars, no MSG, artificial dyes, additives, nitrates, and only occasional raw sweeteners in very small amounts, limited to: honey, stevia, 100% unrefined maple syrup, agave, organic coconut sugar, or molasses. It’s not as restrictive as say, the Paleo Diet, but Paleo fits within the scope of what we can eat.”

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